The week started out crazy…

The week started out crazy busy and stressful but by mid-week it just got real slow and quiet and crawling towards the weekend.  A few people at work and some friends are either in London this week or going to be in London soon, I've been watching the tennis and watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl (with it's fantastic London scene shots) have been making me pine more than ever since being back. I really enjoyed the London summers (short as they were), somehow the sun shining there is a lot more special than it shining here in SA.

I went to a hawan last night. This was due to my cousin Shavern moving into a new house with his fiance.  I had not been to one since my grandfather died some years ago.  Childhood memories of sunday temple, not knowing the words to the bhajans, just the tune and melody engraved in my brain, familiar smells, running away from hindi school in the afternoons.  Shavern cooked up a fantastic spread of vegetable and soya dishes (with butter ghee being the 'secret' ingredient), there was even roti and vermicelli for pudding. We were all impressed.

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