my telkom adsl experience

So after several months of being back in South Africa and adjusting to life without on-demand, unlimited downloads, 4MB ADSL broadband, I decided to just go-ahead and get telkom's 2GB, 384kbps, ridiculously priced ADSL (compared to the UK and the rest of the modern world). 

Telkom's telephone support service remains inconsistent, and depending on your luck, you can speak to a consultant almost immediately, or you can hold on the line for 30 minutes before you speak to a human being (no exaggeration).  I ordered the ADSL line last week Thursday and found the telephone service on that day to be excellent.  I was told that the ADSL takes 2 – 6 weeks to be activated and so on Monday morning I was surprised to receive a call letting me know that the ADSL line is activated.  Not having expected the line to be ready so soon, I had not decided on an ISP.  Later in the day I called up 2 different ISPs but was put on hold for way too long so I decided that I would select telkom as my internet provider.  It was getting clear that it was a bad day for telephone support. I was on hold for 25 minutes before I spoke to a consultant. Admittedly the consultant was very helpful and arranged for her colleague to call me back to give me my login details.  An hour later I received a call from a telkom consultant who gave me all the relevant details I needed to setup my adsl router. Later in the evening when I was home I tried to get the adsl working but was not coming right, so I call telkom's home dsl support line. I wait for another 20 minutes before I speak to a very helpful consultant but who did not manage to solve my problem.  Afterwards I figure out that I was missing the correct filter for the telephone (which was causing a lot of noise on the line).  Faizal helped me with the filter which got me connected! The line speed  last night was decent.

So overall I have been happy with telkom's service. The consultants have been helpful, activation was quick for both the adsl line and the ISP. Telkom just needs more people, so that the time holding on before speaking to a consultant is not more than 5 – 10 minutes.

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