need to stop living in my past

It was a mixed weekend. Emotional highs and lows.  Started off well on Friday, dinner with Keshantha and Zoe and a bit of poker after.  The first half of Saturday was spent doing errands. Nani left on Saturday afternoon very suddenly after receiving news of further planned attacks in the nearby area. It made me sick in my stomach that she felt compelled to leave for her safety, for her survival.

I met up with Jow, Shameme and Ariel in the evening at Moyo for coffee, then ended up at Mama’s in Greenside for drinks. It was cool catching up.

Sunday was just dreadful. At least it felt that way in my head. I spent some hours at Nice (which is always pleasant and a great place to chill out and read the paper and get some delicious food and take in some interesting characters).