my first live game

I went to my first live game. A rugby game.  Lions vs Chiefs, Super 14 at Ellis Park in Johannesburg.  Did it in style too, sat in the company box where we had free drinks and food throughout the game.  I can imagine that the atmosphere is much better during bigger games!  Faizal gave me a lesson on the rules of rugby which definitely makes it more interesting to watch. The Lions who are bottom of the league, believe it or not, beat the Chiefs!  The johannesburg hillbrow skyline is just stunning from Ellis Park, hopefully it is going to look much better once the stadium has completed construction.


After the game, I went to see the film My Blueberry Nights. Stunning cast, Natalie Portman, Norah Jones, Rachel Weis, Jude Law.  The cinematography was just beautiful and the soundtrack superb.

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