I turned 27 on Thursday…

I turned 27 on Thursday. Had a fairly impromptu party at my flat. Although there was supposed to be poker (and I did receive an awesome poker set), there was no poker played last night. There was an interesting mix of people who I hope had a good night.  I have lots to learn about being a good host. The thing about being a host is that you miss a lot of the party in a way because you try to spend a bit of time with everyone, not really participating in conversations and of course the various drinking games.

For once I was not behind the camera for this party. Shahir took most of the photos for the night.

One of the highlights of my day was driving Faizal's new sports car. Absolutely fantastically fun.

It is now 2:02am and I am in PMB. Was hoping to get a good night's rest but thanks to my a-hole brother I am having another sleepless night.  The last month has been stressful and exhausting.  I have been on the edge of a breakdown.

Perhaps I shall use this time to upload photos from the party…  

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