ghost city

I've been a bit lucky in regards to load shedding. I may not feel the same way during the dark cold winter mornings though.  Load shedding has been at 6am – 10am in my area the last couple weeks.  It may have to do with there being about 5 hospitals in a 5km radius.  So when I ventured out last night for dinner, I did not anticipate load shedding where I was headed. 

I'm driving along and all of a sudden it is eerily dark… no street lights, no house lights, nothing. It was literally a ghost city… seemed so deserted and abandoned. Not that way I am sure in reality, families huddled around gas lamps, fire places, torches, candle light. 

I thought maybe if I keep driving the power may be on where I was headed to..  Unfortunately for me, the power was out in about 5 different areas.  The place I was going to though was opened, had candle light and there was no need to cook my dinner – SUSHI.

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