These past 2 weeks I have been kept busy, stressed, running around and generally distracted from my lonesome life.  Rennovating my flat. Nothing major, just painting, re-did the bathroom, some modifications, blinds, curtains…so dull I know.  It had to be done. I've lived in this flat with Sher, my sister, then both my sister and brother… and little has been done since we moved in as students.  Had to cleanse and rid the old lingering memories and energy of the place.

I am now an expert on a number of DIY aspects. So don't hesitate to consult me for advice and info.  To name a few, cememt, rhinolite, plastermix, umgeni sand, river sand, what goes into making and mounting a floating shelf, how to install a shower door…

It will more or less be completed by this weekend. Yay!

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