The sun is shining, the…

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, people at work are in good spirits and the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday may very well be a big contributing factor. 

I want to make a correction to an earlier post where I said that there was a guy washing his hair on the side of the road using water from a sort of "pot hole".  This morning I saw 2 different guys washing themselves with water from the same spot, it was clearer today that the the water is actually a leak from a main's pipe running under the road.

Found a buyer for the My Coke Fest ticket, so I will not be going to that tomorrow.  I have no plans for this weekend. Tonight MadLove is having a gig at Cool Runnings. I'm going to collect 2 kittens from "Friends of the Cat" this afternoon. Folks are going to be in JHB for the Rand Easter Show. That's about it for now.

Wish you all a happy easter with lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies.


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