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While at the lodge in the North West, I got a call around midday from a couch surfer, Ailee. She was arriving 2 weeks earlier than expected and would be landing in JHB on March 13th at 06:00 from Nigeria and would I be able to host her.  I decided to do it, so I got a lift back to JHB on a transfer bus and made it home around 20:00.  Fetched Ailee from the airport the following morning and took her back to the flat.  Got to work at about 08:30. 

When I was not at work, tried to take Aillee around JHB. Realised how daunting it can be to travel in JHB using public transport. The stories from my housemate Nani, did not help make Ailee feel very safe wandering around by herself.  Visited the Apartheid museum on Sunday, which for me was quite intense.  Sadly the weather in JHB and most of the country changed dramatically from Thursday night last week from 30 degrees celcius to 13 degrees celcius.  That is global warming for you.

Dropped Ailee off at Park station this morning where she got a bus to Komatiepoort so she could visit the Kruger National Park where she wants to see lions (that are not in a zoo).

I recommend that if you are visiting South Africa and do not have someone to take you around, that you make sure you are able to rent a car here because that is the best way to get around this country, especially in the cities.  And also being in fear does not help either as it will just paralyze you and not let you want to explore the city / country the way you should. The bus system in central JHB is not bad if you can get yourself to venture out and explore as you would in any other city.  Minibus taxis here are just high-risk. There are people who use them because they have no choice and have no problems, and then there are others who lose their lives because of the reckless drivers of these taxis. If it is in your budget, stick to a rental car. Else use a backpackers bus service such as BazBus. And between the major attractions use the City Slicker bus (a hop on, hop off service). For more info check out this link at Gauteng Tourism. And check this link out for things to do in JHB.

I think I am getting a cold / flu. Most likely because of this weather change.

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