Volunteered at the Johanna Malan…

Volunteered at the Johanna Malan Early Childhood Development Centre on Monday for a few hours to help organise their storeroom.  Quite a cool experience. When you leave there though you just wonder if you actually helped them out in some way, well… you just hope you did.




Tuesday I headed out to Finfoot Lake Reserve in the Northwest Province (about 2.5 hours drive from Johannesburg).  My department had a conference there and I had to provide IT support. I was not really keen to go at first, but once there it felt good to be out in the bush. The reserve is on some beautiful piece of land. I didn't get to see the lake as I had to leave earler than the others.  The lodge is not fenced off so the animals are free to roam around. Would have liked to have spent more time there.




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