You may have noticed that…

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging much since being back in SA. There are a few reasons for that. The main one being that I don't have a dedicated internet connection at home.  I very recently had a prepaid landline connected at home, which only took about 2 and 1/2 months from the time I applied for it.  Work has been really busy with not much time during the day even for a quick blog post.

I have been very adult and responsible like these past couple weeks trying to arrange a retirement plan, health plan, house insurance, car insurance and some kind of long term savings.  Being a contractor these past 2 years has not helped at all in those departments.

I joined the Johannesburg Central Library last week! Just don't see the point of  buying books anymore. You read it once, twice maybe and then it just sits on a shelf or in a box.  Anyway, so the library is about 4 blocks from where I work and I am going to collect my library card later this week.  Have not been a member of a library since high school. Quite exciting! haha =)

I found myself purchasing a copy of Mens Health magazine on Sunday. First time I have ever paid for a magazine for myself. Why Men's Health?? well, since I started gyming 2 weeks ago, i find it to be motivational compared to the other crap magazines aimed at women. The articles on exercise are useful and the gadgets and gizmos are interesting… and yeah… thats it.  I've loaned the magazine to Faizal and Shavern.  Maybe it will do some good for them as well.

Last weekend I attended a gathering arranged by the Amatomu founders. It was great meeting the people behind the blogs and sites that I've been reading during the past year.

I updated my profile on to say that I have a couch available in Johannesburg to travellers.  It is such a fantastic initiative. Since Friday last week I've been contacted by 3 people (from Malaysia, the UK and Portugal) requesting a couch for a few days while they are in JHB in the next 2 months or so.

I've become quite used to my new close shaved hair cut and I think I will be keeping it this way at least till the winter.   Watched Lost in Translation on Sunday night… in anticipation of the tokyo trip later this year. Can't wait!

How do people meet people in terms of dating?

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