Shaved head going to Tokyo

Working in JHB city is cool. Makes me almost feel like I live in a city and not in the suburbs of a city.  And with me missing London, this is helping.  I'm not going to try and recap things that have happened in the last couple weeks.  Faizal and I were wandering through Rosebank chatting about where we should go on holiday later in the year. Admittedly we have been obsessing a bit about Tokyo so naturally that is our first choice when we walk into the travel agent shop. Somehow the agent managed to source return tickets for a good price, so we booked it. Now, all I have to do is pay for it… today!


I shaved my head about a week and a half ago at work for the Cansa Shavathon. Was the only female who did it. There was an audience of people some cheering me on and some pleading with me not to do it.  I was literally shaking with nervousness about the outcome.  It took me about a week to get used to it. Avoided looking in the mirror. Think I will keep it like this for a few months. Very low maintenance, no hat head!



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