It is my 4th day…

It is my 4th day of work since 2nd November 2007.  I am sitting in a pc build room looking out from the BHP Billiton building onto Anderson/Simmonds Street in central Johannesburg.  The office is about 6km from where I live which in this time of high traffic volumes compounded by frequent power outages across JHB, it is a blessing.

I returned to JHB from Natal mid-January. The latter half of the month consisted of catching up with friends, gigs, movies, drinks/dinner/lunches at various cafes and restaurants in Parkhurst/Greenside. I’ve also been looking for a flat mate, but that is proving difficult for some reason. Maybe its me?

London London London and travel in general is on my mind…but so is trying to make a go of things here during the next year.  Tokyo is calling out to me. Possibly later this year.


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