1st January 2008 was spent…

1st January 2008 was spent at the beach near Tongaat north of Durban.  It was an incredibly hot day but thankfully there was a breeze and we had shelter from the sun. 

I was supposed to be driving up to JHB today but at 2am this morning after trying to fall asleep without any luck, I decided to extend my stay in KZN.  So far the family has been getting along fine and it has been a fairly pleasant visit.

My sister left this morning, most of her belongings in tow to start a new chapter of her life in JHB with her boyfriend and a new job.  This means that I have been upgraded to the penthouse suite… he he. Ahhhh, air-con… it is wonderful.

My brother the fitness personal trainer has started me on a fitness plan which so far has been great. He is excellent at this.

Been visiting with my grandmothers, trying to coax their fast fading memories about our family history, our ancestors.  One find was that my great great great grandfather was a white dude on my mother's mother's (father's side – I think) *shock horror!*  Explains the freckles.

Here is a pretty picture from my day at the beach.  There are more on my Flickr site.

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