It has been some time since I blogged.  I’ve been quite distant, cutting myself off from people. Not really communicating, not wanting to.  At least that’s how I’ve been feeling these last couple days.

Got back from an awesome road trip that started on Wednesday last week. Rishina and I rented a car.

We requested a small 3 door 1.4L car, the rental company was out of small cars and so we were upgraded to what turned out to be a “mommy mobile” mini-van type of car.  It had a 1.8L engine, was massive and overall was a good ride.  Would have been much more appreciated had we been joined by more friends as it could easily accommodate four more people and their luggage. (Edit) Soon after we got on the road we realised that the radio stations were terrible and that we needed some music. Ended up buying a Now 68 cd from one of the service stops (there was a poor selection).  Lost count to how many times we listened to that double cd compilation. Or rather how many times we listened enthusiastically to the Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love song which was really our theme song for the trip.

This was an unplanned road trip. We knew our main destination and that was it. Had a great big map of the United Kingdom. The journey took us through the Lake District where we stayed overnight in a village called Ambleside (a lovely quaint place).

I would most definitely return to the UK just to visit that area of the country again.  Beautiful surroundings, lakes, mountains, villages, forests.  Headed to Edinburgh where we stayed for the next two nights. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, everything I ever imagined a European city to be… at least the Old Town side of it.  We stayed in a fantastic guest house there called The Lantern Guesthouse where we had a triple room (large spacious room with high ceilings and en suite) for £50/night.  On our first night in the city, we tried on a number of hats and ended up at a German festival, had our first taste of Glühwein which is similar to mulled wine and walked around the city a bit till our hands and feet could not take the cold any longer.

Second day in the city we got a parking fine of £30 for being 10 minutes late. Spent some time finding parking elsewhere, then went on a walking tour of the Old Town. In the late afternoon we drove to Glasgow which is just a crazy city to drive in.  After meeting Tiia at Glasgow central station and walking around a bit, we spent an hour trying to get out of the city due to really bad signage and all the one way roads.  In fact driving in any city is a bit stressful compared to driving on open roads between cities. The temperature displayed -2 degrees celcius at one point during the drive back. Once back in Edinburgh we went out on the town (not before indulging in some Scottish whisky). I don’t remember much of that night… the bits I do remember were a lot of fun and the stories I heard the next day sounded like I was having a fabulous time.  The walking tour was great. You get a good background history and extra little stories which make you see the city in a different light.  Edinburgh had a really good energy to it. It felt great being there.

The rest of the trip consisted of a lot of driving which I completely enjoyed, especially when driving through the Scottish Borders and the North York Moors.

We wanted to spend a night in Whitby but due to erroneous map reading and because we needed to rest decided to head to Scarborough which turned out to be very uneventful. I felt the town lacked any character and that there were smaller villages on the way there which had more.  It was on the coast though with a sort of developed beach area which I’m sure during the summer makes for a nice holiday town. Also there is amazingly beautiful land surrounding the town and I’ve read there are great walks to go on.  We drove through numerous towns and villages and covered about 1100 miles even driving through York extensively looking for parking and a coffee shop.  Rishina could probably advise and give directions in most of the cities and towns we visited, especially Glasgow and Edinburgh (she was an excellent navigator).

Most of the greatness of the journey are just the memories and sights seen which I will not be able to convey in this blog post.

11 days till I head back to SA.