I love watching films at the cinema

Had a fairly uneventful weekend.  Worked till about 7pm on Friday night, wanted to go out that night but could not find anyone keen.  Ended up at home having my own little party with good music, dancing, can't remember if there was food and some good ole Jameson.  Sometimes one's own company is the best.  Good thing I didn't go out on Friday night because I had to be at work early on Saturday morning for an office move which involved a full day's hard labour, carrying pc's, screens, crawling under desks, cabling. I was shattered by the end of the day.

I did manage to go to the cinema finally after what feels like months!  Watched Stardust. Didn't know what to expect.  It was… lovely… the sweetest film.  I totally recommend it if you're into feel-good, light, fairy tale stories with great actors filmed in stunning locations.  Claire Danes and Charlie Cox were so comfortable with each other on screen.  I also loved the soundtrack.

Was feeling incredibly lonely the last couple days, wallowing in it. It is hard trying to be happy, to be okay, to not fall into darkness.   Have to keep moving, keep busy, keep the mind focused on something positive.  It isn't easy not to let fear in, and to stay connected to the love. I find myself always looking back, retreating to my past memories, not always the good ones (mostly the good ones) and I wonder if I will ever have something remotely similar or better than that.  I have to stop living in the past.  I miss her… then…

Move on move on move on.

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