Weekend wanderings

I just have not been able to blog these past few weeks. I've been wanting to but just can't seem to get the words out. Sometimes there is just too much going on inside.  Feels like time is running out.  I guess it is in a way. Just a few more weeks of work left and then some time to wander around the UK and then back to SA.

I've been feeling very conflicted.  On the one side I want to travel more and live in different cities and not be tied to one place. On the other side I want to have a home, a base, have a stable life and build a career (an area of my life that has been neglected, mostly because up until recently I had not found what it is that I want to do).

Unless I know that I am going to settle in the UK, this is not my home and nothing I do will let me feel like it is.  I don't know if I am going to feel that SA is where I want to be when I'm there… but more of myself feels that is where my home is or should be for now.

Yesterday we had a wander around central.  Started with a bus ride in to Tottencourt Road, walked towards Covent Garden. Rish stopped at Coffee, Cake & Kink to get some kinky cards to send to some friends back home.  Had to get some of the most delicious ice-cream at Scoop.  I try to taste a different flavour each time, yesterday's was Hazelnut and well okay I always get a scoop of Pure Chocolate. I am a sucker for chocolate and pistacchio flavours.  Wandered over to the Thomas Neal Centre and then through Neal's Yard.

Decided to head over to the National Portrait Gallery but it was just about closing so changed direction to check out the Tate Modern Crack installation.  Instead of crossing over the the bridge at Embankment like we usually do, stayed on the north bank this time and walked through the Victoria Embankment Gardens, a beautiful peaceful well-kept park.  I love walking through London. You just have to take a different route or turn somewhere to get a whole different feel of the city or just to see the buildings, the river, the people in a different light.  Walked along the north bank of the river thames and crossed over at Blackfriars bridge.  The sun was setting by the time we reached the Tate Modern and in time to see the Louise Bourgeois 'Spider' on display outside the gallery.

Then in we went to see the crack.  It was quite incredible, spanning the length of the Turbine Hall. It always amazing being inside the Tate Modern, I can't explain why…

Finally we went up to the East Room on the 7th Floor to check out the amazing view at night of the London skyline and the River Thames. Unfortunately my little camera on my phone could not capture it as it was.  Maybe next time…

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