Almost weekend

It's T H U R S D A Y tomorrow, woohoo!! Almost the weekend.  It has been a busy week. First half was hectic in terms of work. Today was better.  It has even stopped raining for now.  I have not been to the cinema in a long time.  There just are not many good films out or at least ones that I am willing to fork out £8.50 for.  Elizabeth the Golden Age is being released soon.  The Times BFI 51st London Film Festical is on this month. There may be a couple films worth seeing there if tickets can be acquired in time.  My allergies/cold has cleared up. Time is flying by.
I haven't been taking photos this month.  Besides the fact that my camera battery charger is lost in the mail (between Cork and London).  I'm still feeling so torn between staying here and going back to SA.

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