I can’t believe how quickly

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I have definitely
enjoyed being in London this year more than I did last year. My near
future is once again uncertain (always seems to be towards the year
end). Unlike last year this time, it was a 'Should I stay or should I
go', it is now a 'Can I stay, I don't want to go'

Five weeks till I complete my current contract. Then just over one
month before I return to Suid Afrika. To be honest I am excited about
going back to SA and also a little apprehensive as to the economic,
social, political, and general sanity of it's leaders as well as
work-wise, what will I do.

So there is a good chance that I will not be returning to the UK
except for travelling purposes. What are the options of staying here?
Work permit? Student visa? HSMP?
Unless I can earn an additional £3k and prove that I've earned it.. It
is all about the timing man. Timing is everything.

I have to believe that it all works out for the best eventually.
Except that I can't just float along and hope things work out a
certain way. I need to make things happen and if it still doesn't
happen the way I want it to, then I can say it's for the best.

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