Saturday wandering around

Was not feeling my best yesterday, spent half the day in bed.  Eventually psyched myself up into getting out of the house and at least walking down the street. Took the first bus into central, then the next bus that came by. It was a long journey due to the millions of pedestrians and general Saturday traffic.  Lazy weekend bus rides can be a good way just to think and clear one's mind besides exploring the city.  Ended up in Ladgrove. Backtracked to Portobello Market.  Walked to Nottinghill and caught the tube back into Central.  Had dinner at the Hong Kong Cafe across from Leicester Square station then ice-cream from Scoop in Covent Gardens. Walked towards the British Museum and then in the general direction of Camden.  Stopped at the Black Cap pub for a beer and to rest my now very sore feet.  Made my way home, and back into bed before 9:30pm.

Six weeks left till my contract ends, thereafter I will be free for a month.  May roadtrip around the UK since my schengen visa would have expired by then and I can't be asked to get another.

Some of my photos were shown at a club event as a slideshow at the Rex cinema last week along with another photographer and film maker.  Also the photos that I had taken of Julius Reuben a few weeks ago were used in an online article about him.

Otherwise it's all good.

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