At work after a bank holiday weekend… 28-08-2007

At work after a long weekend. So far it is quiet. Yesterday was the summer bank holiday (a public holiday) Amazingly it actually was a sunny summer's day unlike the rest of the "summer". A recap of the weekend. Went to Cargo on Friday night with Nisha, Rish and Luiza. Was a beautiful warm night. Saturday, cleaned the flat, afterwards went for a long walk through hampstead heath,


came out at the other end in Belsize Park, walked to Hampstead and got the best chocolate brownies ever. From Hampstead took 2 buses to East Finchley to have a BBQ in Nisha's garden.
Sunday, ventured into and around Camden. While there had to get Nutella chocolate crepes. YUM! Back home, evening, Kate and Nisha somehow both ended up wandering to my place. Psyched myself up and the others to going to a club. Had a relatively good night.
  Spent all of Monday at home, most of it in bed… woke up feeling anxious, restless which later turned into deep sadness, feeling of emptiness which just hits me out of nowhere it seems at the time, some chemical hormonal imbalance every week or so. Perhaps it is a deep pain that has not healed and is trying really hard to get my attention so that I address it's healing… because time is definitely not helping in the healing that's for sure. Thankfully, journalling and replies to my desperate emails/messages with kind reassuring counselling words helped me out into the light again as well as some good  pad thai noodle takeout that rish ventured out into the world to bring back home.

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