Its cloudy today… unlike the weekend we had which was sunny and beautiful.

We talked about going on a day trip out of the city on Saturday but did not get it together. Instead went to IKEA ("where dreams come flat-packed"). That seemed like a journey, its own day-trip. If I had money and a home to furnish, the IKEA experience would be much more fun perhaps.

Went out later that night with Nisha, Jess, Rish and Kate. I wanted to go clubbing (which is incredibly rare for me). Ended up at Trash Palace in Leicester Square. Its so cool going out now with the new smoking ban. Definitely a more enjoyable experience. No more of the awful smoke smell over all your clothes and hair. Left Trash Palace and wanted to go elsewhere but the queues seemed endless.
Sunday was chill-out day for me. The last few weeks I've not had any time to just phaff around the house, play with photos, journal, watch some movies… the days are longer but still is not enough time. Is it because the end of the year is approaching quickly and my London future is uncertain?
Ventured to Camden, chocolate nutella crepes for breakfast and freshly squeezed orange juice to wash it down. YUM!

I've been thinking about things I want to do when I go back to SA. Work-related, holiday-related, family-related. Ideas ideas, but how to make it reality…?  Do I have the initiative, drive and skill to make things happen… things that sometimes seem so out of reach? I know I do. It may take a long while, but it will eventually. I trust that the universe will conspire to bring it all together.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been entertaining me the last couple days. I find it not to be the most well-written book, but JK's imagination is enough to keep you reading and wanting more.

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