The weekend of London Summer 2007 was great!  Wow, an entire 3 days of sun.  Most of it was spent at Hampstead Heath eating and relaxing and soaking up the sun.

right at youRishina

I burned my right arm on Sunday. I hadn't had any injuries for about 2 weeks so I had to make up for it in one go with a crazy oil splash/splatter while making french toast.  The burning sensation lasted for about 2 hours and I moaned the whole way through. By Monday blisters had formed. One blister is heart-shaped. Could it be a sign of some sort that my next love is going to burn me??? or something to that effect?

Living with Rishina has been cool so far. It was a bit cramped last week because Tina (landlord) was with us as well but she left yesterday. Rish is moving into Tina's room today w.hich I'm sure will be more comfortable for us having our own space.

Otherwise all is well in Sheriss'  world right now. I have a feeling it may change soon. Not sure if for the better or worse, lets hope for the better.  The end of the year is closing in really quickly. Feels like it is speeding up a little in fact.  Im about to start reading the final Harry Potter book.  Yay!

I've been having some ideas about possible ways to earn a living when I'm back in SA.  Everything is feeling a bit uncertain, but definitely more hopeful as if anything and everything is possible and within reach.

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