Rishina arrived early on Saturday…

Rishina arrived early on Saturday morning.  At first I was going to meet her at Kings Cross station, but then at the last minute decided to meet her at Heathrow because I know how much it sucks to lug all your bags through the tube and still have to figure out where you're going.

We got back at around 11am. Chilled for a bit, then went out into the world. Took her for lunch in Bricklane.  Walked around London for the rest of the day/evening. I tried to just give her an overview of all the different areas so that when she's on her own during the week she won't feel so lost.  Sunday was the same but more central and west London.

Idiotically I did not carry my camera with me and I have to say that I definitely missed out on some great shots.

Seeing London through the eyes of someone who just arrived is great. Makes me all excited again about being here.  

Tina my landlord arrived on Sunday morning and is going to be staying at the flat for a week. Its weird having people in my space. But cool at the same time.

Thankfully we were blessed with sunny weather during the weekend (to welcome Rishina to summer Britain)

Rish brought wonderful chocolate goodies with her and a box of Royal Cream biscuits. YUMYUMYUM.

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