I finally had a break…

I finally had a break from the city.  Apphia and her family (Amy, Douglas, Alliz) were most generous and kind to invite me over to their home in Suffolk. Proper countryside out there.  It was great being in a family environment, clean air, seeing the stars, quiet except for the wind rustling the trees, Alliz practising on her violin, awesome home-cooked meals from salad to dessert cooked from vegetables/herbs/fruit grown in the garden.
Saturday was most special because we woke at a reasonable hour, soaked up some sun in the garden before the short journey to the beach. On the way we met some lovely friends of the family, Pru (who had a curious conversation with Douglas who was enquiring from her about a pig that he would like to be aged till 10months old, after which he is going to make ham of.)
Also met Chinwe whose daughter we took to the beach with us.  Had a barbie, walked on the beach, there was swimming and took photos.  On the way back visited Apphia's grandmother, aunt and uncle.
Sunday was easy and chilled. Got a train back in the afternoon with Apphia, slept most of the way. Watched Harry Potter in the evening.


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