I’m learning a lot about…

I'm learning a lot about what I want in my life mostly by ruling out what I don't want.  With each new experience and upon reflection of past experiences, with new perspective I am figuring out and re-affirming who I am, what I believe in and how I want to live my life as well as who I want in my life.

London is a city inhabited by people who are coming here for a period of time or are already on their way to some where. There is much fickleness, always someone better around the corner.  I am in awe of anyone / couple who manages to have a committed relationship in this place for more than a few months. I feel sorry for those who have been or are still in long-distance relationships with the one person being here. Yes, I am speaking generally and i am being cynical and somewhat judgemental… but it is from my experience here.

Life keeps throwing the same situations at you just with different players and settings. It's all a test. Learn from your past experiences or repeat the same mistakes over and over and each time lose a bit of yourself in the process.  I'm going to try and do it differently.

Went to Brighton on Saturday which was the first decent day in a few weeks. I had not been there before. Its a pretty little seaside town. Took the train, an hours ride each way. The beach has no sand, just pebbles. And the pebbles are surprisingly comfortable to lie on. There is no concern for getting sand in your shoes and  clothes or the wind whipping the sand against your face.

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