It rained for most of…

It rained for most of the weekend. I was surprised to see the sun shine through the clouds this morning and even saw some blue sky.

I had dinner with Romain and Ilana on Friday evening in Hendon. Last I spent time with them was at the Shoot London competition. So was good to just chill with 'em.  After dinner took the train to Angel and went to Jessica's flat where Kate was also staying the night. Wore hats, drank jasmine tea, took photos, gave jess and kate a quick poker lesson, watched an episode of the Lword from season 3. (It was good to see Carmen again…)
Left there at 2am, and walked to the bus station across from Angel station. Waited literally 40min for a number 43 bus. Thankfully, I was in a very calm patient mood.
Saturday evening went along with Sher, Apphia and Virginie to a bar in Stoke Newington. It was completely dead in the lower level of the bar where there was a pool table. Hadn't played in awhile. Lots of fun. Especially the winning part of it. Left the bar and had a scooter ride with Virginie (while Sher had a seaty ride on Apphia's bicycle)  to her brazilian friend's party where there was awesome home-cooked food.
*oh no, it's raining again*
Sunday, I was home alone. It was nice.

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