Participated in my first ever…

Participated in my first ever pub quiz last night. Can't say that I contributed much. Am useless at the sport questions, the Brit / English questions, British television questions. Someone should start pub quizzes in SA. Think it would go down well. Our team was amusingly called T.I.T (Team IT) and comprised of myself, a New Zealander, 2 Brits and a Frenchman who is more South African than French. We ended in fourth place.

I've been in a weird space the last week or so. Head feels a bit messed up.

It's more like I don't trust anyone I know, and don't know what to think of them. I don't trust my instincts about them, or I am picking up something that goes against what i know of them… but what the hell do I know… they may all be complete f&$kers, especially the ones I care for the most.  i hope its just pms

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