I’ve been finding myself to be…

I've been finding myself to be a bit anxious/restless these past few days as September approaches quite quickly. Why? because there are decisions to be made. My contract comes to an end, my lease agreement also ends in mid-august and not sure whether I should try and stay in London longer by applying for a different visa or go back home to SA and start anew.

Just had a look through my camera and found a whole lot of pics that I have not downloaded off it yet. Over a 150 pics from the last 2 weekends. Will need to make some time to go through them. Sure there are some interesting ones in there somewhere worth uploading to flickr.

Had some friends over for poker on Saturday. Most didn't know how to play and had to be shown the ropes except that no one was really interested in paying attention to what was going on. Turned out to be a fun interesting evening nonetheless. I sorta zoned out a bit mid-way which I seem to do when there is a lot of noise and a bit chaos. There were a lot of laughs though and even a girls giggle big contagious laugh session as well.

Sunday I got convinced to go to the StokeFest in Stoke Newington. Bands playing in different areas, the reggae tent which seemed the most popular, food stalls, queues for the toilet, drinks, food, rides, stalls selling arb things, people of every creed, colour, culture, race, nationality. I really am not into festivals and a lot of people around and a lot of (what seemed to me) awful music coming from every direction. But we found a spot in a semi-quiet area and got to watch some really good Capoeira which made it all worth it. Was sad I didn't have my camera on me though. I missed out on some amazing shots I'm sure.

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