Some ramblings

i've always wanted to live experience a different city. london was i think the easiest place to do this in. i made the move last year in May. It wasn't easy at first, in the sense that everything that i needed to get done turned into a mission. things like getting a bank account (which first required that you have proof of a physical address and number of other documents) national insurance number, a phone line, an internet connection and so on.
But once that was all set up, it got better.

London is a big hodge podge of different people, cultures and ways of life all thrown into this little city. Anything goes here. You could be walking down the street or standing at the bus stop with a beer in hand dressed as a pirate and no one will blink an eye as they pass you. Or you could be moving house, saddled with bags, pillow and whatnot and also it will go unnoticed. I suppose the latter is a common occurrence.

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