So i know i have…

So i know i have been a bit lazy or rather relunctant to update my blog recently. I come on here almost every other day hoping to read some updates from my neighbourhood, maybe get some inspiration to update mine, but there is rarely anything new *sheriss points to friends and family that make up my neighbourhood*.  Maybe everyone is too obsessed addicted stuck on Facebook. Darn facebook, its taking over the world. People I know, don't know ,don't care to remember have found me on facebook. Sigh, facebook is a great networking site, fantastic way to make contact with people you know, knew and don't know but also incredibly scary. It is a marketer''s heaven full of almost freely available information about individuals such as age, sex, marital status, job history, education, likes, dislikes, hobbies, activities and so much more. Not quite sure why people post tons of photos of themselves in compromising situations drunk at parties, doing all sorts of mad things, when the site is so freely accessible to parents, relatives, current and future employers.

If I have not mentioned already in some form or the other, I started a new job this week at a law firm in Covent Garden. So far I am enjoying it, there is not much telephonic support, it is more hands on and I get to do a bit of everything.

Finally acquired an Apple Macbook. I've been wanting a mac for a good many years. Have not used it much because there was an issue connecting to the AOL internet at the flat, but it is all working now and I'm quite enjoying it.

Last weekend was a bank holiday weekend here. On the Friday night Sher and I went to the Rodrigo Y Gabriela concert at Shepherd's Bush Empire. We went early so that we could stand right up front against the stage with me being so short it would make no point to be anywhere but the front.  They were absolutely amazing! the energy is incredible. I wish I had my camera with me because I would have taken some amazing shots of them. for 2 hours I was mesmerized by them. If they are ever in your area go see them play live! At the end they came and touched hands of the people in the front ( me included). That was cool. The opening artist was Brett Dennen who was quite good as well.  Saturday night went to a Drag King contest at LSE. That was different. The music was all Latin and I was learning how to salsa and jazz. Danielle was in London for a few days, it was cool spending time with her.

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