my trip to watford

I think it was on Tuesday that I was semi-conned into making a trip to Watford to visit Yashen. When Yash asked me to come to Watford to see him. I first asked, "where in the world is Watford?" Second was "What is there to do in Watford?" I was then told that Watford is a very nice place and there is the high street which is quite cool and that he would cook me dinner. So I decided to go late in the afternoon. The TFL site said it would be no more than 1hr10min from my house. How wrong was TFL? It took a good 1hr45min from Kings Cross station to get there. The train, which was on the Metropolitan line I can safely safe is slower than the District line which makes it worse because you are travelling so much further. Also I was under the impression that Watford was in Zone 6 which was already bad enough, but no, it turned out to be beyond Zone 6 and is actually in Zone A at the very end of the Met line.

My visit was good though and I am glad that I went. I did not get the home cooked meal but I did get Nandos. Also all the shops on the high street close at 6pm (reminds me of PMB).  I did get to spend time with Yash and his girl friend Donna which is most important.

The ride back was quite scary because besides for the train conductor I was the only passenger for the first half hour.

All I know is that I will not be making a trip to Watford in the near future, even for a home cooked meal.

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