job hunting once again

on my way to the station last week friday i saw a lot of people that i see most days. it was a day that i wished i had my camera with me, there were playing cards on the pavement, trailing all the way to the station. it was quite bizarre. a very windy morning, busy streets, a lot of pedestrians and all these playing cards. tried to see which cards were face up. mostly 7's, 8's and 9's. that afternoon on my return home, all the cards were gone.

oh yes, so also on friday i was called into a 'one-on-one' meeting which was supposed to just be with my team leader to see how i'm getting along, but instead it turned out to be a '2-on-1' meeting with me being told that my contract is being ended that day. had to pack up my things, hand back the blackberry and security pass. it was all very sudden and unforeseen. no solid reasons were given to me in my opinion. thats a life of a contractor here in london.

i let myself be upset all the way back home, and then set out on finding a new job. contacted all the agencies i knew of that i am available immediately. had about 5 people call me back within the first hour. so we'll see how it goes. have an interview tomorrow at another law firm.

the rest of the weekend was good. went to a club in Kings Cross called Scala to see a band Calvin Harris sing their 'top ten hit song, Acceptable in the 80's'. It was cool being in a place where they were playing rock and alternative music. Didn't do much on Saturday. Had a picnic on Sunday at hampstead heath. Turned out quite nicely, and then a party afterwards, Apphia's sister's birthday. Monday was a bank holiday which was spent vegging out.

Considering travelling for a few weeks if I don't find a job in the next 2 weeks.

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