My birthday this year was very different firstly because for the first time it was spent on a different continent and second I was at work because 1st May is not a public holiday in the UK.  The day started off well with Apphia ringing the doorbell at my flat at 6:40am. I ignored it thinking it was my alarm clock. She was persistent and called the landline. Once I let her in, I was greeted by smiles, a hug and Moet champagne. Got ready for work and was given a bicycle ride to the station. My colleagues bought a chocolate cake and a birthday card for me which was sweet. The rest of the work day was completely dull.
Met Sher in the evening. Went to sit in St James Park with a bottle of Brut champagne and enjoy what was left of the sunny day. The weather was the same as it would have been were I sitting at Emmerentia park in JHB. When the sun went down, made our way to the Mango Tree restuarant for dinner. It wasn't quite what I was hoping for, instead it was expensive, very busy, noisy and the food was not all that – nowhere close to Wang Thai or Soi.  All in all it was a fine day considering I was not with my family and friends. Sher did try her best to make me feel special for which I am grateful for. Received my very own engraved hip flask which is quite needed in this Londontown.

Previous birthdays
2001 – Party at Faizal's house, Melville. I was out for most of it. Heard it was fun though.
2002 – Skydiving in Witbank, accompanied by Angelique (in the air) and Sher (on the ground)
2003 – Picnic at Emmerentia. Dadi was there as well. Family and friends. That was a fun day. Went to a club the previous night.
2004 – Picnic at Emmerentia.
2005 – Dinner with family. Picnic on the day.
2006 – Parents came up for the weekend. Dinner and cake at Nalini's house with family. Party at Faizal's flat, Atholl. Family and friends.
2007 – London. Work, champagne picnic, dinner

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