Have you felt sometimes…

Have you felt sometimes during a conversation with someone that you wish you had a tape recorder, because you find that you're having some profound wise thoughts and these things are coming out of your mouth and you may not have had these thoughts before then or maybe you had a fleeting thought about it but never quite expanded on it? I do sometimes.

Had an unexpectedly nice day on Saturday. Started late because I slept past midday. Decided for a change to take the number 4 bus from the stop not too far from my flat. This bus turned out to be quite a roundabout long trip towards Waterloo station. Hopped off at St Paul's Cathedral and walked to the Tate Modern. Sadly the installation that I wanted to see was in the process of being dismantled. From there we walked along the river and ended up outside the National Gallery. Bought some pints, found a bench by the river and watched people enjoying the warm beautiful afternoon. Later on, headed to the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square to watch a movie, tickets being only £4.50 which for Leicester square is incredible. After the movie went to a local pub in Archway called Hideaway. Sher had some awful conversation with a guy there who made disgusting comments about Africans which I found competely upsetting and not worth getting into with him.

Sunday was spent vegging out at home with episodes of CSI and the L Word.

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