My weekend

I think some of the best times I've had when I went to a club is when I had my camera with me.  I just love it, taking photos of people when they are having a good time, enjoying themselves, uninhibited.

On Friday night I really wished I had my camera, but despite not having it I had a fun night. Smack @ Egg, Kings Cross. It was a ladies night and the theme was Pirates. I went with Sher who dressed as a pirate with a black scarf around her head, black teeth, mustache, boots. She looked the part. People who know her did not recognise her on first and second glance. Met up with friends there and made some new ones too. The venue was good, 3 dance floors each with different genres, spacious, and of course attractive women all around.

Yesterday was spent recovering.

Today was spent walking around in the beautiful rare sunshine. The days are definitely getting longer, sun is setting past 7pm.

My parents are coming to visit in July, thats news that made me really happy and smile for at least 10minutes straight.

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