I don't think I am going to transition well when my London time is over and I have to make my way back to SA and get a permanent full-time job. Quite enjoying this lifestyle of the last year of working for a few months and then having a few months off. Its fantastic.

It's made me think about how I could possibly stay in the UK longer without having to obtain a full-time permanent job. One option is to apply for an HSMP visa, but sadly after speaking to a consultant I do not have enough points to qualify for it.  So I may just end up back in SA in the latter half of this year.

The idea of buying a scooter to whizz around London has been occupying my thoughts lately.  Some people think its a great idea and others think its insane to consider riding around in London traffic on a two-wheeler that leaves you so vulnerable. I am sure it would be great in summer even if it is ridden purely over the weekend.

A year has passed since I was last in a relationship not taking into account any of the rare encounters during that time.  During the last month I have been feeling a great lack of self-confidence in my ability to engage with new people and exisiting friends. When I meet new people I feel like a complete retard and that anything I have to say whether it be just a 'hello' will bore them to death.  So I tend to remain quiet and introverted. How will I ever meet someone if I feel this way?  I don't think I come across as approachable even if there was someone who was interested.

Oh god, I sound like a sadsorrywhiningsingle person, when in my everyday reality I am just beginning to enjoy this single life, being on my own and just getting comfortable with only having myself for company.

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