London Town

Arrived in London on Saturday morning close to 07:00 on 3rd March.  Surprisingly did not have any hassle at passport control just a warning that I cannot work for more than 12 months according to my visa restrictions. Fair enough.  Found my large orange suitcase with ease and got into the arrivals terminal.  Spent about 10 mintues trying to remember my bank pin code to draw cash to buy airtime and a tube ticket into the city. Eventually made it to the heathrow underground, bought my train ticket to Kings Cross station.

It was quite a long journey in, about 45min.  Plenty of time to think about why the hell i am back here and how it feels as if I never left. Tried to keep my spirits up but exhaustion, the cold and dullness of the tube station was making it very difficult.

Started my first day at work on Monday.  Was incredibly blessed to have found a job while still in SA that takes care of most of my financial worries.  Based in Moorgate at the moment and later moving to another building in May near London Bridge station. Was issued with a blackberry and am loving it.

Been viewing flatshares in the evening.  I did see some nice ones and am waiting to hear back from them. Can't wait to have my own space, start settling in and unpacking my suitcase.

Having those 3 months off was awesome!  It was truly an amazing restful time and I'm so glad I got to spend time with everyone and to do absolutely bugger all and improve my poker skills… hehe.

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