Poker night in Jozi

While back in Jozi, I found myself playing a lot of poker and it even got to a point where we had unofficially made Friday evening, "poker night".  One of these evenings starts out something like this, everyone pitches up at the house Faizal was occupying in Parkhurst where an hour or so Ange, Faiz and myself would be phaffing on our laptops, at around 17:55 we realise there is no food and no booze.  Ange and Sharl make their way to the liquor store (off-licence) where they acquire a bottle of Jameson (the drink of choice), then off to the Spar for groceries.  Back home Sharl starts preparing dinner while the rest of us pour ourselves a drink and watch Sharl cook (occasionally one of us will offer him a cooking tip).  After dinner, we start the game where we continue to get sloshed.  An hour into the game we have finished the bottle of Jameson.  We end up going out to Melville or the infamous Slip & Tackle (a.k.a. Slap & Tickle)
Saturdays are spent recovering from Fridays.

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