Hitched a ride with Jow and Wendy on New Year's day back to Jozi's. Was beginning to feel restless in PMB and was missing my flat in Jozi. So its been 2 weeks here and the days have been filled with reading, watching endless episodes of Sex and the City and mixed with Six Feet Under.

Last week I made 3 trips to the airport. A record for me.  First was to pick up Faizal , back from his UK and Ireland trip. Second was to pick up Danielle the lovely on Friday and finally to take her back on Sunday. Been chilling at Faiz's house mostly and at 'The Bean' in Parkhurst. Feels like old times.

I went for 2 job interviews, one for a helpdesk manager position and the other I'm not even sure because when I got there for the interview, they weren't expecting me.  It is not easy getting decent contract positions here in SA.  May just be returning to London very soon (feb or early march).

I cooked my first meal since being back in SA last night (Chilli Con Carne). The food turned out great considering I have not cooked since leaving London over a month ago. When I got to Jozi, I cleaned out my fridge leaving only bread, butter, tomatoe and chilli sauces. Not much to create a meal. Though last week I did make some awesome fried/toasted buttered bread with garlic salt. Gourmet toasted bread.

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