turning away from 2006 to face 2007

Being in Pietermaritzburg for the last 2 weeks has left me without much to blog about or maybe it is I'm just not trying. But I am choosing to go with the effect that PMB aka Sleepy Hollow does to a person's enthusiasm for life. The town is chilled, peaceful, relaxed (great place to be to clear your head) and more or less just closes down after 6pm. There's maybe 2 decent clubs to go to. Recently, "The Mall" was opened which finally attracted the attention of some of the bigger bar/restuarant chains.  

Since being here I've not carried out any of my plans to be doing something interesting every other day. Just has not happened. Admittedly the heat combined with the humidity during the day has been intense. You end up moving very slowly,sluggishly almost, trying hard not to cause the sweating which started before you woke up to get worse. So, I've been reading, taking photographs, swimming, playing table tennis and also learning to play poker.

Spending time with my family has been great.

Wait, it is New Year's Eve today. This year has been filled with mixed emotions, life changing events and experiences. I've met some incredible, interesting, wonderful, talented and passionate people in London which I am so grateful for.  I feel sad when I think about this year of 2006 being over, somewhat anxious, excited and a little scared looking forward to tomorrow.  Sad because I have to say goodbye to the first quarter of my life of which contained some of the happiest memories of my young life.  
I look forward to creating new happy moments, experiences with… with… I don't know… it is a surprise really.  Hope this next quarter sees me starting my own family.

and Light

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