I apologise for not posting as much since I moved over to the vox site.  The flight back home was pretty awful, but just glad I got to SA safe. Danielle my lovely was waiting for me at the airport. The bags took about 40min to come through and then I literally raced through customs with an official chasing after me for my form.

Spent the rest of the week wondering around enjoying the sunny days and not having anywhere or anything to do in particular. JHB is reasonably quiet in December as everyone migrates to the coast.  Initially I did feel somewhat disoriented, not knowing if this is where I should be and also feeling sad for leaving London.

But now I am glad I'm here and know I made the right decision to come back, if only for the holidays. Have not decided when I am returning to London.

Rish and Lee drove up from PMB/DBN to pick me up and bring me home. Sweet sweet beautiful friends. They arrived Saturday afternoon and we had a picnic in the garden enjoying the sun, the grass, the delicious champagne and food that Danielle put together and of course each other's company.

Hope all is well wherever you may be.

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