quick update

On Monday I met Nirven, Yash and Mala in Brixton, had dinner at Fujiyama. They are well and have found a flat to rent for the month in Gillingham, Kent in time for KC's arrival on Saturday.

We parted ways around 8pm, I took a short bus ride to Brixton Hill to see a gig at The Telegraph. I had not spent any time with Romain and Ilana since I moved out of the house in Brentcross and it was good seeing them again. They have an amazing, positive energy all about and around them!

Ilana was about 4th in the lineup that night, she sang only 3 songs but they were great songs. Each artist's musical style was quite different from the next one.

To hear some of ilana's music visit www.myspace.com/ilanatree




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