It was really cold yesterday…

It was really cold yesterday, but that did not deter me from going ice-skating at Alexander Palace near Wood Green with Apphia. We had so much fun, surrounded by kids and teens, trying desperately not to crash into someone. I would love to hire out an ice rink for a gathering, with just friends and family. Play your own music, go crazy, race around without fear of bumping someone.
There was a great view of London from where the building is situated. And after that, had a waffle with chocolate ice cream and maple syrup. YUM! Took a bus back into central (one of the longest bus rides ever). Met up with Luiza, my brazilian friend for dinner and a drink.

I’ve been lucky twice during this past week, paying only a junior / student rate for a movie and for the ice skating. Watched the new bond movie on Friday night. Very entertaining. I quite like this Daniel Craig as bond… definitely a believer.

When you look out the window, you see sunshine, and a beautiful day and you think to yourself wouldn’t it be lovely to go to the park… but it’s deceiving as the temperature is only about 8 degrees outside and its much better indoors.

I took a bus from Tottenham Court Road last night to Victoria station. I was warned that it will not be a good idea because there will be lots of traffic in Oxford Street… but I figured that would be good, because the bus is warm, Im in no hurry and i can get to see the amazing Christmas lights on the buildings and in Regent’s Street. Enjoyed the ride.

Three weeks go to.  I need to try and organise accommodation for when I come back to London in January. Our contract ends in Jan.