Weather report

So, in the last 2 days the temperature has dropped significantly lower. During the day, despite it being sunny the temperature was about 7°C, at night dropping to 1°C. I am told that it will get much colder than this – which I can’t imagine. The central heating is not very effective either. Due to the lack of an additional duvet cover, I have been using my sleeping bag for extra warmth.

I decided to give my long-johns a try today. Not very comfortable especially when it is a little big/long/bunchy. But definitely warm. Will need to try and find ones that are more in my size. I did not laugh as when I tried them on the first time a few weeks ago, especially when stepping out into the cold, windy morning.

The last 2 weeks have been tiring. Been working during the weekends, A&O have been moving 2000 of their staff from the 2 offices in Bank/St Pauls to the new office in Liverpool Street. So far, 1600 people and all their equipment have been moved and setup in the spank-me-new building.

I have been day-dreaming about being in South Africa during December, sitting outside in the sun, swimming in the beach, hiking in the Drakensberg, spending time with my family… sure we would have a great time.
What concerns me is that when you are away, everybody tells you that they miss, but when you are back or visiting, after half an hour, they couldn’t care less if you were there… hahaha