I put my name down for overtime for yesterday. Had set my alarm for 6:30am but my alarm didn’t go off because the extra setting (which I had forgotten about) was that it didn’t go off during the weekend, so I ended up waking up at 8am, the time I was supposed to be leaving the house. Got ready in 10min and was running to the station to be in Liverpool Street by 9am. Somehow made it there just in time. There was a lot of work to be done which all had to be done in a very specific way with lots of check lists. It was a long day. I left at 6pm, but I am sure the others worked till about 9pm.

Was supposed to go bowling, but was so beat. Think it had to do with the me working the 12-8pm shift for the week, getting home at 9pm on Friday night and feeling like I had just been at work by the time I had woken up Saturday morning and having to run back to work.

On Wednesday I wondered around London Bridge, saw an outdoor photo exhibition in Queensway next to City Hall by the River Thames. Took some photos with my new camera. Had a hot chocolate, and ate some of the chocolate cake I baked for Katerina’s birthday last weekend(chocolate overdose).

We went to a very cool Brazilian place called Favela in Old Street to celebrate Kat’s birthday. Had a good time there. Spent Sunday recovering in time to meet my friend Christine from the US who was here for work. Took her around central London, had dinner in Soho. It was good seeing her. She left on Monday morning for Manchester and then on to Zurich.

I am reading The Zahir by Paulo Coehlo. So far I am enjoying it and would definitely recommend it.

Happy Diwali!!!