I have been feeling that everyday that I have been in London and everyday since February has been a struggle. Nothing has gone smoothly and simply. Little, everyday things such as getting the phone connected, making sure the gas is connected, having an internet service provider, buying groceries, finding work – has been a struggle. Even going out in the evening to bar/theatre/club somehow turns into a mission when you get home late, and the last tube is at 00:15 and you make it, but it gets delayed and takes over an hour to get home instead of the usual 20min.

K, now it sounds like I’m just complaining. I guess my point is, that I had things really good back home and I could go home at any point and spare myself being here… but being here is not to try and be someone different or become a new person or find myself. It is a change a scenery for one, and also it is to be apart of a different energy and to let the effects of that energy influence your being, your thoughts, your creativity, to bring you out of the comfort zone, to challenge you and hopefully through it all, you heal, grow, learn and become a better person somehow.

I could go on but I will stop for now. It has been cold, but today was sunny and I ventured out to Hyde Park, sat by the lake for a bit, had a scone with fresh cream and jam at the cafe and walked around for awhile. When the days are sunny, it is windy and the sun just does not manage to warm you up enough.