Some ramblings…

So, its been a quiet week and a bit since my last update. Work’s been keeping me busy and exhausted. The weather at the moment, is equivalent to a South African winter I would say. I can safely add that I am not equipped mentally or clothes-wise for any kind of winter. My mom sent me a pair of long-johns, tried them on the other day and it was hilarious… but I suppose, that won’t matter when I am freezing my arse off.

My boss has been on my case since I started there for some reason, a scottish guy. He’s stopped a bit this week because apparently I’ve been doing well. In my first week I logged 18 calls, my second, 69 calls, and last week 168 calls. Except now, I am expected to beat that. haha. Sure I will once they start moving 2000 of their employees to the new building in Liverpool Street.

We, my housemates and I, have attempted several times to turn the central heating on with no luck. Need to get the landlord out here to show us how its done and if it is working even. I’ve been using my sleeping bag as an extra layer over my duvet.

Spent last Saturday in Nottinghill. The place we were at reminded me a little of ‘old melville’ of days past.

Saw Nirven last week some time, he seems to be here in London more than he is in Dublin. He ventured to ‘little SA’ in Wimbeldon to get himself several boxes of ProNutro (Chocolate flavour). I nicked one off him. What a treat. ProNutro. I miss so many of our South African products. Milo, Fry’s vege burgers, russian sausages, LAMB, sugar, VeriPeri sauce, Five Roses tea, FRUIT (the fruit here tastes processed for some reason, floury and its crazy expensive, its sad how I used to think fruit was expensive back in SA)… those funny soya prawn things, our chocolate (the chocolate in this country is awful), everything is too sweet, SA wine… I miss my blender and making fresh fruit smoothies every morning. I also miss pizza… pizza from Tarquino’s and the Full Stop in Parkhurst. Haha, I miss my sister’s dahl curry.

I bought an iron today, £4.99. The cheapest one I could find… just need it to last a few months.

Ok, enough of the missing stuff. You get the best sandwiches here and the choice of food places to eat at are endless, as well as the places to go and things to do if you have the money to do it once you’ve done the cool free stuff.

There’s a play that’s on at the moment at the Old Vic theatre with Kevin Spacey. May go see that soon. A big time hollywood actor up close and live.