Life has so much to offer…

Life has so much to offer if you just are able to get step out of yourself, to step out of your comfort zone, to just see things and let yourself experience and be one with the world and of the world. We can get so caught up in ourselves, in our feelings, in our routines, in our love issues… that we stop seeing, stop feeling life, we forget who we are and what we can contribute to our society, our communities and the people around us and not around us. Even if we can’t make a huge difference to many people, we can make a difference to one person’s life in a positve way then that can be rewarding and fulfilling in itself, just knowing that we have made a difference to one person other than ourselves.
We get so caught up in the expectations that we grew up with… going to school, university, becoming a professional, getting a job, making money, buying a house, finding a partner, having children, having a family… that we forget or sometimes are not even aware of our greater potential to learn, to grow and to contribute in this life, to more people than the ones we know personally.
It can be frustrating and amazing all at once of how much there is out there to experience.
Being in a new city is amazing, but you can also isolate yourself if you fall into the same patterns that you were in in your home city.
Its about connecting with people.