Friday, went into Oxford circus to collect Romain’s camera and two lenses which he most kindly offered to let me use for a few hours, the point of which was to get a feel for and test the different lenses to help me decide which I wanted when I purchase my camera later this month hopefully.

Returned the camera to him in the afternoon. Walked around Oxford street and Carnaby street which has some very cool but expensive shops. For some reason ended up walking to Hanover square and came upon something being setup in the square. Noticed a South African Tourism banner up so walked around and asked the security people what was going on. Turned out to be SA tourism having a function to promote SA. Chatted with them for a bit, told them I worked at SA Tourism in JHB for a few months.

Met up with Katerina back at Oxford circus and browsed a bit at GAP. Eventually both of us starving we made our way back to Brixton and headed to Tesco to get some food for dinner. Thought we would try a different route to Tesco to avoid the main street. Turned into a road that lead to a place called the Dairy. Walked in thinking the road would lead further up the street, but it was a dead-end. Saw a table tennis board outside at which time a guy came out of one of the Dairy buildings. I asked whether he plays table tennis and he said yes and asked if I could play, I said yes I can. He said that I could come there and play some time. Yay, I thought. I asked him what is the Dairy, and he said its a recording studio. He asked where we were from and Kat found out that he lived in Athens for a few months. So they chatted about that for a bit. She thought it was embarrassing that he did not know any Greek words having lived in Athens.

The only way to discover new and interesting things in this city is usually unintentionally, like taking a wrong turn on your way somewhere.

The weather feels like May in JHB.

Starting my contract at Allen & Overy on Monday. Work, yay!!!